DCSC Symposium
April 14, 2014

In 2014 the department DCSC and the MSc Systems and Control celebrate their
10th anniversary.
To celebrate this event an interesting Symposium “Systems and Control” will be organised on April 14th with interesting (foreign) speakers, presentations of our staff-members etc.

What is DCSC?

Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) coordinates the education and research activities in systems and control at the Delft University of Technology. DCSC has been established in 2003 by merging the systems and control groups of Electrical Engineering (EWI), Mechanical Engineering (3mE), and Applied Physics (TNW).

DCSC participates in the national research school DISC (Dutch Institute of Systems and Control)

Master of Science study

DCSC offers a two-year MSc program in Systems and Control which is directed towards the fundamental and application specific aspects of systems, signals and control engineering.


Have a look at our current research. You can also view our research projects by person.


Looking for somebody? Check out our list of staff members or active MSc students.


DCSC is proud to present the MSc Systems and Control. DCSC is also involved in the BSc and MSc curricula of Electrical EngineeringApplied Physics and Mechanical Engineering. On a regular basis, DCSC organizes MSc colloquia for their students.


Currently we have several vacancies available, including some PhD positions.

DCSC participates in the European Embedded Control Institute EECI.

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