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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

MSc colloquium: 

Navigation of the leaf-picking-robot in greenhouses

Speaker:  Ishak Güçlü
Supervisor:  Prof.dr. R. Babuška
Location:  room F, Faculty 3mE
Time:  14:30 until 15:00
Abstract:  Automation has played a big role in the development of the industry in the last century. Despite the desire to automate the hard work in greenhouses by robots, the automation level in the horticulture is still far from desired. However the last decade big progress is achieved and more is expected due to the increasing need for automated processes in this area.

The labor in the horticulture industry participates in a significant way in the total costs. Crop operations in greenhouses are monotone and physically demanding. Priva is currently developing an efficient and cheap robot that will be used for cutting of the leaves of the plants in greenhouses. The robot is designed to move through the greenhouse on a special designed car. The car uses the Mecanum wheel principle which makes the car able to move also sideways.

A robust control system for the movement of this car should be designed, such that it can reliably and energy efficiently move in all required directions. This literature presentation will discuss the topics that are considered for having the navigation of the Mecanum wheeled vehicle in greenhouses. It gives an overview of perceiving and localization techniques and an analysis on the Mecanum wheels.

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