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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

MSc colloquium: 

Control of a robotic arm for the application of on-surface 3D-printing

Speaker:  Marco de Gier
Supervisor:  Prof.dr. R. Babuška
Location:  Room F
Time:  14:00 until 14:30
Abstract:  3D-printing, also called Additive Manufacturing, is a rapidly developing technique in manufacturing. Nowadays 20% of the printed products is a final product, the rest is used in Rapid Prototyping. It is claimed that in 2020 50% is a final product. The overall goal of the research is to print 3D-structures on curved surfaces. The print technique used is called Printing and uses a Drop-on-Demand print head. The technique enable accurate and fast 3D-prints, but needs a 6-DOF manipulator to be able to print on curved surfaces. Chosen for this purpose is the 6-DOF robotic arm UR5. In 2013 a working prototype is developed by J. Kruit. It was proven that a robotic arm can be beneficial to Additive Manufacturing. Still as a first prototype there is much room for improvements. The current accuracy of 1 mm is aimed to be approximately ten times smaller by using more advanced control. This should be done by bypassing the existing internal control of the UR5 or by considering the internal controller as a part of the whole system. Also a workspace for the UR5 should be defined, to detect whether the reference trajectory is not causing a collision or a (near)-singular configuration. In this case the trajectory would be infeasible because a printer cannot deviate from its trajectory due to the print quality.

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