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AE4W09: Wind Turbine Design
Responsible Instructor: Ir. M.B. Zaayer
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/2/2
Education Period: 3, 4
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: 4
Course Language: English
Expected prior knowledge: AE3W02TU "Introduction to wind energy" or equivalent. The required knowledge is tested by several individual homework assignments. Successful execution of these is required to take part in the group assignment.
Parts: Lectures will be given during the 3rd semester and the first half of the 4th semester.
Homework assignments will be given during the first half of the 3rd semester.
The group assignment starts at the end of the 3rd semester and continues up to the end of the 4th semester.
Course Contents: Overview of wind turbine design process, concepts and scale
Aerodynamic Rotor design with Blade Element Momentum theory
Wind data and –description
Structural design of blades
Blade materials and assessment of fatigue damage
The use of standards for load calculations
Generator and power converter systems
Wind turbine control
Study Goals: The objective is twofold: to obtain knowledge on all (technical) design aspects and to understand the coherence between these aspects in a consistent and integrated way.
Education Method: lectures + individual homework + group assignments
Computer Use: One of the individual assignments uses Matlab.
For the group assignment the wind turbine simulation package Bladed is used. A free student version (with limited capabilities) will be made available to practice. The full version will be installed and available on several computers at the faculty.
Literature and Study Materials: All material will be made available on Blackboard. The book "Wind Energy Explained", Wiley, is recommended as background material.
Assessment: By assignments: A group assignment has to be executed, reported and discussed.
Remarks: This is multidisciplinary course, attented by students from various faculties (LR, EWI, CITG, 3ME, TNW)or from the 3TU MSc track SET.
Supplementary courses are:
AE4W12 "Rotor aerodynamics"
AE4W13 "Wind and Site Conditions"
AE4546 "Design and manufacturing of wind turbine rotor blades"
ET4117 "Electrical machines and drives"
OE5662 "Offshore wind farm design"
OE5665 "Offshore wind support structures"
Set-up: The course combines lectures, individual homework and a group assignment. The lectures and individual homework prepare the students to completely (re-) design a wind turbine during the group assignment.
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