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AE4W11: Exercise Wind Turbine Design
Responsible Instructor: Ir. M.B. Zaayer
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/x/x
Education Period: 3, 4
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: 4
Course Language: English
Expected prior knowledge: AE4W09 (Wind Turbine Design)
Course Contents: (Detailing of the) Design of one of the major components of a wind turbine.
Study Goals: Deepening of the design knowledge obtained in AE4W09 by designing one of the major components of a wind turbine. The exercise takes the design made during the group assignment in AE4W09 as starting point.
Education Method: Exercise
Literature and Study Materials: The material available on Blackboard for the course AE4W09.
The book Wind Energy Explained, Wiley, is recommended as background material.
Searching additional material when needed is part of the exercise.
Assessment: Report
Set-up: The exercise is a take-home assignment. The student takes the initiative to propose which component he/she would like to address. The topic of the assignment will be determined in consultation with the student, after which a suitable supervisor will be assigned. This is generally one of the instructors of AE4W09. The result of the assignment needs to be submitted as a written report.
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