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AE4X09: Sensor and Smart Materials
Responsible Instructor: S. van der Zwaag
Instructor: W.A. Groen
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/2/0
Education Period: 3
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: Exam by appointment
Course Language: English
Expected prior knowledge: Students should have completed relevant materials science courses in the
BSc programmes at AE (LR), TNW, 3ME or materials oriented courses at another
Course Contents: The course aims at an introduction into the field of the SMART materials and
sensors. These are materials that have properties that can be changed by
external stimuli such a stress, temperature or electrical fields. The course will
focus on piezoelectric materials which are widely used as sensors but also as
actuator materials. In this course, both material structure and behavior, device
design and manufacturing technologies will be presented.
In addition to the piezo-electrics also SMART materials which are used for
temperature sensing and other intelligent materials like transparent conducting
oxide and heat sink materials will be discussed.
The course will enable the students to get an overview of what these class of
materials can offer in the field of (aerospace) engineering.
Study Goals: The emphasis will be on the understanding of SMART materials and its use in for
sensors and actuators .
Education Method: Lectures and demonstrations
Literature and Study Materials: To be announce later
For information see websites of Morganelectroceramics and Noliac
Assessment: Oral
Remarks: While focusing in on aerospace applications the course is
relevant for all students interested in “intelligent materials”
Set-up: The course will consist of 7 lectures
Last modified: 6 November 2013, 15:24 UTC
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