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AP3382: Advanced Photonics
Responsible Instructor: Prof.dr. H.P. Urbach
Instructor: O. El Gawhary
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 2/2/0/0
Education Period: 1, 2
Start Education: 1
Exam Period: Exam by appointment
Course Language: English
Course Contents: Electromagnetic principles, light in anisotropic media, diffraction theory, paraxial approximation, inverse diffraction, regularization and the resolution limit. Choice out of the following subjects (varies per year): coherence of light, imaging with partial coherent light, optical beams, non-diffracting fields, rigorous diffraction theory, electromagnetic scattering problems, plasmons, nonlinear optics, phase-conjugation, self-focusing, optical soliton, metamaterials, superlenses, optical cloaking. Depending on the interests of the students attending the course, a selection out of these topics is made.
Study Goals: To understand fundamental aspects of classical and modern optics.
Education Method: oral lectures and/or self-study
Literature and Study Materials: There are lecture notes. We may also study (recent) papers published in the literature.
Assessment: Oral exam
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