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AP3401: Introduction to Charged Particle Optics
Responsible Instructor: P. Kruit
Instructor: Dr. C.W. Hagen
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/2/2
Education Period: 3, 4
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: 4
Course Language: English
Course Contents: Electron and ion lenses, aberrations, deflectors, multipoles, spectrometers, simulation programmes, transmission and scanning electron microscopes, lithography tools, electrical and magnetic fields in vacuum;
Laplace equation, Fourier analysis, numerical methods, series expansion, flux lines, equipotential planes, making sketches of these;
geometrical optics: focal point, thick lens model,matrix description, phase space, Liouville, aberrations; calculation of trajectories: paraxially in lenses, spherical and chromatic aberration constants, paraxially in multipoles, Lagrangians, manual calculations, analytically, numerically far from the axis, adiabatic,wave character;
partical optical elements: magnetic lenses, electrostatic lenses, electron sources, multipoles, analyzers;
partical optical systems: transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope (probe calculations), electron beam pattern generator, ion beam pattern generator.
Study Goals: understand electron and ion beam instruments and be able to design basic optical components (lenses, quadrupoles)
Education Method: Explanation of principles, self study of material, assignments, discussion.
Literature and Study Materials: course book and material on blackboard
Reader: Reader to be obtained though TUDelft services or the secretary of the charged particle optics group
Assessment: assignments
Studyload/Week: 8 hours per week
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