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CIE4811-09: Design and Control of Public Transport Systems
Responsible Instructor: Ir. P.B.L. Wiggenraad
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 4/0/0/0
Education Period: 1
Start Education: 1
Exam Period: 1, 2
Course Language: English
Course Contents: Part I: Networks and timetable
Functional design of networks; types of lines and services; functional design of rail, metro, tram and bus (transfer) stations and stops; timetable design variables, tools and efficiency indicators; duty roster
Part II: Operation and control
Automatic vehicle/train detection and monitoring; signalling and train protection systems (ATP, ATC, ATO); ETCS, ERTMS; reliability, punctuality, regularity of services; deterministic and stochastic models; queuing theory; network stability estimation; simulation tools; dispatching and conflict resolution; dynamic passenger information
Part III: Public transport systems
High-speed lines and rolling stock design; Maglev and LIM-technology; IC- and regional train characteristics; steel and rubber metro technologies; peoplemover systems; mixed operation of heavy and light rail; (low floor) tramway design; diesel, trolley, natural gaz and battery buses; dial-a-bus; paratransit
Part IV: Air transport systems
Airport allocation, development and layout; aircraft characteristics; flight rules and headway; runway, taxiway and terminal design; interterminal transport; airport access
Part V: Policy and management
Deregulation policy; tendering and franchising of public transport services; deregulation models of railways; privatisation of British Railways; separation of railway infrastructure and operation in NL
Study Goals: Getting knowledge and insight in the function of operations planning and control of public transport systems. Developing the ability to design public transport networks, timetables and signalling system. Estimating the capacity, stability and punctuality of line services. Understanding the policy and principles of deregulation of public transport and tendering of line services. Estimating and controlling the performance and quality of public transport services.
Education Method: Lectures, assignments, essay
Literature and Study Materials: Lecture notes
Hansen I.A., Pachl J., "Railway Timetable & Traffic", Eurailpress Hamburg 2008, ISBN 978-3-7771-0371-6, available at the secretariat Transport and Planning (room 4.11)
Assessment: Essay and written examination
Remarks: Submission of assignments and essay before the examination
Judgement: 1/3 essay, 2/3 written examination, assignments report should be satisfactory, bonus possible for high quality assignments report
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