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CIE4822-09: Traffic Management and Control
Responsible Instructor: A. Hegyi
Instructor: A.M. Salomons
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/0/2 + 0/0/0/4 (computerpracticum)
Education Period: 4
Start Education: 4
Exam Period: 4, 5
Course Language: English
Course Contents: The central topic of this course is the design, optimization, simulation and evaluation of traffic control in urban areas and on freeways.
This includes the following subtopics:
- queuing, delays and capacity of signalized and unsignalized intersections,- advanced local intersection control,
- transit priority control,
- coordinated urban network control,
- freeway control: ramp metering, dynamic speed limits, route guidance,
- control objectives for urban and freeway traffic control,
- introduction to control theory.
The course includes an extensive exercise in which the students design and evaluate an intersection controller in a microscopic traffic flow simulation program.
Study Goals: After completing the course the students are expected to be able to:
- design, explain, simulate and evaluate intersection control programs,
- apply the criteria to decide whether or not signalization is necessary for safety or capacity reasons,
- explain the main approaches for coordinated urban traffic control,
- calculate the capacities of a roundabout,
- explain the various approaches for ramp metering, route guidance and variable speed limit control on freeways. Discuss the design considerations that lead to the alternative approaches. Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of the alternative approaches. Specify the mathematical form of the control approaches.
Education Method: Lectures, exercise
Course Relations: CIE4822-09 uses CIE4821-09
Literature and Study Materials: Lecture notes on Blackboard. There may be handouts during lecture. All handouts will be put on Blackboard for download.
Assessment: Written exam (open questions), and a report of the exercise. The report is discussed individually with one of the instructors.
Remarks: Exercise should be completed with grade >= 5.
Time between exercise report and examination should be no longer than 13 months.
Judgement: Calculation of final grade: 2/3 written examination and 1/3 exercise report.
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