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CIE4831-09: Empirical Analysis for Transport & Planning
Responsible Instructor: W. Daamen
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/6/0 + 0/0/4/0
Education Period: 3
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: 3, 4
Course Language: English
Course Contents: This course addresses data collection and data analysis problems and the associated modelling and model applications in typical planning and research problems in civil engineering with a focus on transport and spatial planning. The course combines theory and methodology with direct application of the theory in two case studies covering all aspects presented during the lectures. Each week the students give feedback on their progress in the case study.
The following problems are covered in this course:
- Problem analyses, research questions and identification of required data.
- Data collection, including the set up of a test experiment and the calculation of the required amount of data given the data characteristics.
- Data analyses.
o Derivation of relationships between variables in observed data: linear and non-linear regression, logistical regression and cross-tables.
o Use of time-series in planning and design.
o Types of uncertainty (stochasticity) and need for sensitivity analyses.
- Estimating discrete choice models.
- Estimating traffic parameters, such as critical gap distributions, headway distributions and capacity distributions.
- Application of the estimated models, including robustness analyses and optimisation using operation research.
Study Goals: After completing this course, students are able to:
- Identify and formulate the problem definition and research questions
- Identify data needs to solve the formulated problem
- Plan and carry out the data collection
- Analyse the collected data using statistics
- Evaluate the data analyses
- Design a model using the data analyses
- Apply the model to answer the research questions
Education Method: Lectures and two case studies including own data collection.
Literature and Study Materials: Course notes containing lecture notes. lecture slides and case study instructions, all available on Blackboard
Assessment: Written exam and report on two case studies.
Permitted Materials during Tests: 1A4 with notes, calculator.
Remarks: The assignments require to solve a particular case problem and the participant is required to write a report on her/his findings in a small group. The written exam contains open questions in which the participant is tested on her/his insight into the problems and methods.
Judgement: Final grade calculation: 50% final report on case studies and 50% written exam.
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