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CIE5803-09: Railway Traffic Management
Responsible Instructor: Dr. R.M.P. Goverde
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/2/0/0 + 0/2/0/0
Education Period: 2
Start Education: 2
Exam Period: 2, 3
Course Language: English
Course Contents: This course is about the modelling, analysis, design, control and simulation of railway operations.
Safety, signalling and control: railway safety investigation, station interlocking, railway traffic control, train control, real-time railway traffic management, ERTMS.
Mathematical models of railway operations: infrastructure modelling, running time calculation, energy-efficient train operation, railway timetable optimization, capacity analysis using queueing theory, timetable stability analysis using max-plus algebra, real-time rescheduling, operations performance analysis.
Simulation: microscopic and macroscopic railway simulation models, train line scheduling, timetable analyis, capacity analysis, disruption analysis, stability analysis.
Application of OpenTrack microscopic simulation tool and PETER macroscopic timetable stability analysis tool.
Study Goals: Knowledge of advanced railway safety and signalling systems.
Insight in railway operations planning and the interrelations between planning, control and signalling.
Application of operations research models to timetable design and railway traffic control.
Application of microscopic simulation to infrastructure capacity analysis, timetable design and analysis of disruptions.
Introduction to max-plus algebra and timetable stability analysis.
Insight in actual railway operations practice like ERTMS on the HSL-Zuid, railway safety investigation, performance analysis, and train driver support systems.
Experience with railway micro-simulation tool OpenTrack and stability analysis tool PETER.
Education Method: Lectures, book, computer practicum
Computer Use: OpenTrack railway micro-simulation software, PETER timetable stability analysis tool
Course Relations: CIE5803-09 uses CIE4811-09
Literature and Study Materials: Textbook:
I.A. Hansen & J. Pachl (eds.), Railway Timetable & Traffic: Analysis, Modelling, Simulation, Eurailpress, Hamburg, 2008. ISBN 978-3-7771-0371-6 (available at Transport & Planning secretariat)
Supported by additional lecture notes distributed via Blackboard.
Prerequisites: CIE4811-09
Assessment: Written exam. Prerequisite: computer practicum
Judgement: 2/3 written examination + 1/3 computer practicum reports
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