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IN4073TU: Embedded Real-Time Systems
Responsible Instructor: Prof.dr. K.G. Langendoen
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/4/0
Education Period: 3
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: none
Course Language: English
Expected prior knowledge: MUST have passed a TUD C programming course or in2305-ii Emb. Prog.
Course Contents: The course provides an introduction to embedded systems programming. The course is heavily based on a lab project where students (in competing teams) will have to develop an embedded control unit for a tethered electrical model quad-rotor aerial vehicle, in order to provide stabilization such that it can (idealy) hover and (slowly) fly with only limited user control (one joystick). The control algorithm (which is given) must be mapped onto a Linux PC (C) in conjunction with an FPGA board (embedded C and/or VHDL) that communicates with the sensors and actuators on the quad-rotor. The students will be exposed to simple physics/mechanics, electronics, sensors (gyros, accelerometers), actuators (motors, servos), basic control principles, quad-rotor simulators, and, most importantly, embedded software (C, VHDL), most of which each team is required to develop themselves. The project work (including written report) covers the entire duration of the course period, and will take approximately 120 hours, of which 28 hours are spent at the Drebbelweg lab facilities.
Study Goals: Student is acquainted with real-time programming in an embedded context, along with a basic understanding of embedded systems, real-time communication, sensor data processing, actuator control, control theory, and simulation. Moreover, the student has had exposure to integrating the various multidisciplinary aspects at the system level.
Education Method: Lectures, lab work
Literature and Study Materials: Web
Assessment: Lab. project (120 hours) + written report
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