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IN4343: Real-time Systems
Responsible Instructor: Prof.dr. K.G. Langendoen, M.A. Zuņiga Zamalloa
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/4/0 and 0/0/4/0 lab
Education Period: 3
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: none
Course Language: English
Required for: 3TU MSc Embedded Systems; the corresponding courses are 2IN26 at TU Eindhoven, and 312030 at TU Twente
Expected prior knowledge: Basic software engineering, C system programming, basic Linux operating system knowledge
Course Contents: - basic concepts of RTS
- examples of RTS
- RTS analysis and design
- timing analysis
- scheduling
Study Goals: The objective of this course is to bring students into the position to analyze and (partially) design real-time systems, and conduct research in the area of real-time systems. It is intended to bring the student into the position to
- explain and apply the fundamental concepts and terminology of real-time systems
- explain and address the fundamental problems of real-time systems
- analyze real-time system designs
- design a real-time system (at least partially)
- identify and assess the relevant literature and research trends of real-time systems
Education Method: lectures with exercises; self study; lab assignments
Books: Hard Real-Time Computing Systems by G.C. Buttazzo, Springer 2005
Assessment: Written exam + lab work
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