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IN4351: Real-Time Software Development
Responsible Instructor: dr. Ir. J.F. Broenink
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/0/4
Education Period: 4
Start Education: 4
Exam Period: none
Course Language: English
Course Contents: This course is provided by Dr. Jan Broenink, University of Twente (
This course is on a model-based, iterative approach for the design of distributed hard real-time embedded control software for mechatronic products. The design work is conducted as a stepwise refinement process, using simulation (i.e. model execution) as means of testing on all levels in the design process and automatic generation of embedded software. The model-based approach allows for integration of discipline-specific parts on the model level (during design) instead of on the code level (during testing), a shorter design time, and a better quality product.
Parallel programs are concerned, to exploit the inherent parallel nature of embedded systems an their control, using the process algebra CSP (Communication Sequential Processes) as theoretical foundation. For practical implementations, our software library LUNA, is used to implement in an easy way the often complex communication and synchronization issues.
more information:
Study Goals: To develop parallel software for embedded control systems with modern techniques.
Education Method: Lectures, Tele-college
Literature and Study Materials: Peter Marwedel, (2006) Embedded System Design, Springer, ISBN 978-0-387-29237-3, 1st Edition, Paperback, 241 pages
Books: Peter Marwedel, (2006) Embedded System Design, Springer, ISBN 978-0-387-29237-3, 1st Edition
Assessment: Oral Exam + Excercises/Labwork
Special Information: Work to be done in groups of 2 students during term. Planning of all deliverables is strict.
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