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IN4390: Quantitative Evaluation of Embedded Systems
Responsible Instructor: M.A. Zuņiga Zamalloa
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/4/0/0
Education Period: 2
Start Education: 2
Exam Period: 2, 3
Course Language: English
Course Contents: - 2 classes on timed automata + 2 hands-on sessions
- 3 classes on dataflow + 1 hands-on session
- 4 classes on probabilistic systems, with emphasis on CTMC + 2 hands-on sessions
- one guest-speaker reflecting on industrial practice
- a practical comparing the use of PRISM and UPPAAL
- a practical on dataflow modelling and validation using measurements (executed locally)
Study Goals: At the end of the course, the student has a good overview over the specific formalisms that are used when quantitative aspects like time, probability and resource usage play a role in the analysis of system behavior. The student knows how to use these formalisms and what their limitations are. In particular, the student has detailed knowledge of the relevant state-automata and event-graphs, the relevant transition-system based and order based semantics, and the process equivalences and verification-techniques for logics in this area. Also, the student has gained experience with the gathering of quantitative data and the use of several analysis tools for verification and validation of formal models based on such data.
Education Method: Lectures + Hands-on Sessions
Assessment: Written exam + practicals
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