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ME2200-15: Traineeship (optional)
ECTS: 15
Responsible Instructor: A.J.J. van den Boom
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: x/x/x/x
Education Period: 1
Start Education: 1
Exam Period: none
Course Language: English
Course Contents: ME2200-15 is the code for the internship of the track Control Engineering (of the MSc Mechanical Engineering). This internship is optional. Commonly students combine internships with the MSc project.
Study Goals: The student has demonstrated his capability, independently and in consultation with specialists, to define, limit, solve and discuss systems and control problems as defined in the internship project description.
The student has proven to be capable of communicating about his Internship research project both through an oral presentation and a report.
The student has demonstrated his capability to consider and discuss the technological, ethical and societal impact of his internship work.
The student has shown his life-long learning competence by investigating the scientific publications related to the problems investigated in his internship thesis and processing this information in his thesis.
Education Method: Project
Assessment: Report and oral presentation
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