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SC2531EE: Dynamic Systems
Responsible Instructor: D. Jeltsema
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/4/0
Education Period: 3
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: 3, 4
Course Language: Dutch
Expected prior knowledge: Linear algebra, calculus, electrical circuits, and signal transformations
Course Contents: Based on the analogies between the physical laws and energy flows of electrical and mechanical components, a systematic modeling approach is developed to describe the dynamic behavior of mechatronic systems. The resulting (often nonlinear) models are represented by differential equations and state-space descriptions. The dynamical behavior of the models is determined by the solutions of the differential equations. These solutions will be analyzed in the phase-space, and qualitative aspects, such as Lyapunov stability, will be studied. Special attention will be devoted to linearized models that describe the dynamic behavior in a small area of operation around an equilibrium point. Control theoretic aspects such as controllability and observability of the system will be studied. It will be briefly demonstrated how to influence the dynamical behavior via state feedback and how to reconstruct the state with help of an observer. The last part of the course deals with input-output descriptions, transfer functions, and the composition and realization of systems.
Study Goals: The Student learns to derive a mathematical model of a physical system that consists of both electrical and mechanical components. Based on the obtained model, the student is able to analyse a number of qualitative characteristics, such as stability, controllability and observability, analyze, and to make simplifications. In addition, the student is able to work with different types of descriptions and to transform one description into another.
Education Method: Lectures + instruction
Computer Use: Matlab+Simulink / Maple
Literature and Study Materials: Reader: Dynamical Systems, D. Jeltsema, TU Delft + hand-outs
Assessment: Written exam
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