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SC3542EE: Regelsystemen
Responsible Instructor: A.J.J. van den Boom
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/4/0
Education Period: 3
Start Education: 3
Exam Period: 3, 5
Course Language: English
Course Contents: The course presents time- and frequency domain control design methodologies for single input and single output dynamical systems. Feedforward- and feedback control methods aim at changing the dynamical properties in a desired manner. This first of all requires the specification of the design criteria in terms of closed-loop system performance, like overshoot, settling time, etc. as well as the understanding of the effect of a feedback controller on the system stability. Second after the closed-loop performance specifications different design methodologies of a PID controller will be analysed. In the time domain we have pole placement controller design and root locus methods and in the frequency domain we analyse the loop shaping approach. This method especially focusses on the robustness of the controller to cope with differences between the model and the true plant. The course will present both the fundamental aspects behind these methodologies as well as illustrate their use in concrete case studies.
Study Goals: Formulate the closed-loop performance specifications in both time- and frequency domain. Apply the design rules for tuning a PID controller. In the time domain this is done by the application of the pole placement method or the root locus method. A systematic design in the frequency domain via the method of loop shaping in order to make a trade-off between the often desired contradictory performance specifications. Application of the design methodologies to concrete case studies.
Education Method: Oral presentations with classroom exercises
Literature and Study Materials: Franklin, et. al, Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems;
Assessment: Written exam
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