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SC4010: Introduction Project SC
Responsible Instructor: J.W. van Wingerden
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 6/0/0/0
Education Period: 1
Start Education: 1
Exam Period: Exam by appointment
Course Language: English
Course Contents: To achieve good controller designs it is necessary to connect theory with problems of practical interest. In this project the concepts and theory of the basic program concerning Control Systems and Signal Analysis will be reviewed. Implementation issues of e.g. PID controllers via continuous-time techniques on real experimental servo-systems are treated. The laboratory sessions use a digital signal processing controller. These controllers are programmed via the Simulink block diagram language which is part of the Matlab control system design software.
Study Goals: The goal of this project is to refresh and apply theoretical knowledge gained in previous classical control courses and to get the ability to tune mechanical servo systems. The concepts and tools to be used include modelling mechanical systems, measurement of the frequency responses and controller design in the time and frequency domain.
The designed controllers have to be implemented on a real experimental servo-system and their performances have to be analysed.
Education Method: Project combined with theoretical lectures to support the students during the exercises. Part of the lectures, including a computer session, will be taught during the Introduction Week for new MSc students ( September 2013). Presence of all students during this week is mandatory to be able to follow this project.
Literature and Study Materials: Lecture slides,
G.F.Franklin, J.D. Powell, A.Emami-Naeini "Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems" Addison-Wesley, or another relevant book on classical feedback control.
Prerequisites: Undergraduate curriculum, classical feedback control, signal analysys. experience with MATLAB could be useful but is not required.
Assessment: The results of the exercises and experiments must be summarized in a short report, and will be discussed and examined during an oral examination.
A written test may be part of the assessment.
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