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SC4091: Optimization in Systems and Control
Responsible Instructor: B.H.K. De Schutter
Instructor: A.J.J. van den Boom
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 4/0/0/0
Education Period: 1
Start Education: 1
Exam Period: 1, 2
Course Language: English
Expected prior knowledge: Basic knowledge about linear state space models and stability, and basic experience with Matlab
Course Contents: In this course we study numerical optimization methods, mainly from a user point of view, and we discuss several applications of optimization in systems and control. First we discuss the basic characteristics and properties of various optimization methods. We also provide guidelines to determine which algorithms are most suited for a given optimization problem. Next, the previously treated optimization methods are used in a multi-criteria controller design application. We also focus on the translation of the design constraints into mathematical constraints. Another important topic is the determination of good initial conditions. For more information, see:
Study Goals: After this course the students should be able to select the most efficient and best suited optimization algorithm for a given optimization problem. They should also be able to reformulate an engineering problem into a (mathematical) optimization problem starting from the given specifications. They should be able to reduce the complexity of the problem using simplifications and/or approximations so as to augment the efficiency of the solution approach.
Education Method: Lectures
Literature and Study Materials: Lecture notes "Optimization in systems and control" by T. van den Boom and B. De Schutter, Delft, 2013 + handouts + slides
Assessment: written examination (closed book, no calculators) + report on the practical assignment
More Information:
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