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SC4120: Special Topics in Signals, Systems & Control
Responsible Instructor: J. Hellendoorn
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/0/2
Education Period: 4
Start Education: 4
Exam Period: Exam by appointment
Course Language: English
Course Contents: The lecture has a changing content, directed towards the current developments in signal analysis, system identification and control engineering. It either consists of contributions from different lecturers, and is sometimes organized in the form of a seminar sequence with active participation of students.
Please notice that the course is not offered every year. Check Blackboard for details.
Study Goals: Acquire competence to report on a particularly chosen scientific development within signal analysis, system identification or control
Identify essentials in an advanced scientific article or book chapter about signals, systems or control
Compose a summary with a balanced exposition of generic aspects, details, examples
Orally report on results of investigation, including an educated evaluation of the subject
Defend presentation and evaluation in a scientific discussion with audience
Enter a scientific dispute about the particular topic of specialization of a fellow-student
Education Method: Lecture 0/0/0/2
Literature and Study Materials: Lecture notes or book to be announced
Assessment: Appointment
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