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SC4230TU: Vehicle Dynamics B - Antilock Braking Systems
Responsible Instructor: Ir. E.J.H. de Vries
Instructor: E.G.M. Holweg
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/0/0/4
Education Period: 4
Start Education: 4
Exam Period: 4, 5
Course Language: English
Course Contents: The control of longitudinal dynamics is one of the main areas of vehicle dynamics control. Nowadays, electronic Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) are a standard for all modern cars. In fact, ABS have been proven to considerably improve the safety of a vehicle in extreme circumstances. From the technological point of view, the design of automatic braking control systems is clearly highly dependent on the braking system characteristics, actuator performance and available measurements.
The "Vehicle Dynamics B: Antilock Braking Systems" course will focus on the problem of longitudinal dynamics control. The following topics will be discussed during the lectures:
- introduction to braking
- longitudinal dynamics: nonlinear model derivation, linearization and stability analysis
- braking actuators: current and future braking actuators will be reviewed and discussed from a control oriented point of view;
- sensors and identification/estimation problems: the relevant variables needed to control the wheel dynamics will be discussed. Sensors and estimation methods presented.
- control algorithms: several approaches are discussed: wheel deceleration control, wheel slip control, mixed wheel slip/ deceleration control and force based control. For each approach examples of control algorithms will be presented. Formal methods (stemming from the fields of linear, nonlinear and hybrid systems control) will be employed to derive and prove their stability and robustness properties.
Study Goals: The goal of the course is that of providing the necessary knowledge to design, tune and validate ABS control systems.
Education Method: Lectures
Computer Use: In working out the problems the computer will be helpful.
Assessment: Assignments / Oral examination
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