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WB2305: Digital Control
Responsible Instructor: T. Keviczky
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x: 0/4/0/0
Education Period: 2
Start Education: 2
Exam Period: 2, 3
Course Language: English
Expected prior knowledge: wb2207 and wb2420 or sc4025
Knowledge of classical control techniques as well as state space theory is required.
Course Contents: Computer control. Sampling of continuous-time signals. The sampling theorem. Aliasing. Discrete-time systems. State-space systems in discrete-time. The z-transform. Selection of sampling-rate. Analysis of discrete-time systems. Stability. Controllability, reachability and observability. Disturbance models. Reduction of effects of disturbances. Stochastic models. Design methods. Approximations of continuous design. Digital PID-controller. State-space design methods. Observers. Pole-placement. Optimal design methods. Linear Quadratic control. Prediction. LQG-control. Implementational aspects of digital controllers.
Study Goals: The student must be able to:
1. describe the essential differences between continuous time and discrete-time control
2. transform a continuous time description of a system into a discrete-time description
3. calculate input-output responses for discrete-time systems
4. analyse the system characteristics of discrete-time systems
5. employ a pole-placement method on a discrete-time system
6. implement an observer to calculate the states of a discrete time system
7. apply optimal control on discrete-time systems
8. describe the functioning of the Kalman-filter as a dynamic observer
Education Method: Lectures and computer exercises
Computer Use: Matlab/Simulink is used to carry out the exercises of this course.
Literature and Study Materials: Course material:
Lecture notes are made available on Blackboard
K.J. Astrom, B. Wittenmark "Computer-controlled Systems", Prentice Hall ,1997, 3rd edition
L. Keviczky et. al "Control Engineering", Szechenyi University Press, 2011 (only available at Leeghwater Student Association)
References from literature:
B.C. Kuo "Digital Control Systems", Tokyo, Holt-Saunders, 1980
G.F. Franklin, J.D. Powell "Digital Control of Dynamic Systems", 1989, 2nd edition, Addison-Wesley
Assessment: Final quiz in class + project assignment
Remarks: The project assignment can be completed only during the quarter when the course is offered (i.e. the project has no resit during other periods).
Design Content: The design aspects of digital controllers are discussed.
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