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Delft City information

The city of Delft is situated half-way between Rotterdam and the Hague. It is part of the ‘Randstad’, an urban agglomeration consisting of Amsterdam (the capital as well as the financial and cultural center, distance 62 km), the Hague (seat of government, distance 15 km), Rotterdam (largest harbour in the world, petrochemical industries and world oil center, distance 13 km) and a number of smaller cities. The Randstad forms a semi-circle with a radius of about sixty kilometers. The center of this semi-circle is agricultural; the various cities – each of which has a unique character – specialize in trade, industry and services. With 4.5 million inhabitants, the Randstad is one of the most important urban agglomerations in Europe. As a result of TU Delft, Delft is one of its main educational and research centers.

The town center of Delft is one of the best-preserved examples of a medieval Dutch town. It is a town with rich historic and cultural heritage. Delft received town privileges in 1246. The medieval structure is still clearly visible in the old center. In the Golden Age, Delft was a rich merchants' town with Dutch East Indian Company chambers and with famous scientists and painters such as Johannes Vermeer. You can relive this past as you stroll along the canals, across arched bridges, along grand merchants' mansions, large churches, quiet courtyards, narrow alleys and the beautiful market square. The intimate atmosphere and the monumental buildings in different architectural styles have been carefully preserved.

Stroll along the canals, enjoy the rustic courtyards and discover the most beautiful spots of Delft. The town is also known as Small Amsterdam, because of its canals and the grand monumental merchants' mansions in the old town center.

On Digital Delft Monuments you will find descriptions and images of all Delft monumental buildings.

Last modified: 16 July 2004, 7:46 UTC
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