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Systems and Control within Electrical, Computer or Media and Knowledge Engineering

MSc Thesis project within MSc EE, CE, or MKE

When a student with a BSc in Electrical Engineering decides to do his/her final MSc project in the field of systems and control within the MSc Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (CE), or Media & Knowledge Engineering (MKE), there are two possible paths to follow:

  • The student proceeds in the new BSc-Msc structure and selects the introduction programs (common core) of Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication, Microelectronics, or Electrical Power Engineering), Computer Engineering, or Media & Knowledge Technology Engineering, and then switches to the Control Systems Engineering program. Detailed information about the program can be found in the studyguides for Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Media & Knowledge Technology Engineering.
    The lists of courses should be approved by the MSc coordinator of EE/CE/MKE and by the DCSC MSc coordinator Prof.dr. Robert Babuška.

  • The student (who started his/her BSc program before September 2002) proceeds in the old structure and selects course in the streams `Industrial Automation', `Systems', `Avionics', `Biomedics', etc. In that case the student should read the information in the booklet `Afstuderen bij Elektrotechniek' (in Dutch), edition September 2001.

Courses in BSc Electrical Engineering

Compulsory BSc Course Code ECTS Lectures
Dynamic Systems SC2531EE 3 0/0/4/0
Regelsystemen SC3542EE 3 0/0/4/0

Courses within MSc EE, CE or MKE

Several courses provided in the MSc program systems and control can be chosen as an elective or specialisation course for Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Engineering (CE), or Media & Knowledge Engineering (MKE). See the EE/CE/MKE-MSc studyguides for details.

Elective MSc Course Code ECTS Lectures
Introduction Project SC SC4010 3 6/0/0/0
Robust and Multivariable Control Design SC4015 5 0/0/4/0
Control Theory SC4025 6 6/0/0/0
Filtering & Identification SC4040 6 0/4/0/0
Integration Project SC SC4050 5 0/0/0/4
Model Predictive Control SC4060 4 0/0/3/0
Control Systems Lab SC4070 4 0/0/4/0
Knowledge Based Control Systems SC4081-10 4 0/0/4/0
Optimization in Systems and Control SC4091 4 4/0/0/0
Modelling and Nonlinear Systems Theory SC4092 4 0/4/0/0
Special Topics in Signals, Systems & Control SC4120 3 0/0/0/2
Modeling and Control of Hybrid Systems SC4160 3 0/0/0/4
Vehicle Mechatronics SC4210 4 0/0/4/0

For questions contact Prof.dr. Robert Babuška.

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