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Interactive Mobile Robots

Subject: Interactive Mobile Robots
Staff Mentor: T.J.J. van den Boom
Other Mentor(s):
Keywords: Mechatronics, robotics and micro-systems; Multi-agent systems
Description: In industry, multiple robots have to cooperate, for example to realize the assembly of products or to avoid collision in robot path planning. In this project, which is in the initializing stage, we consider the path-control of multiple mobile robots. At DCSC there is, amongst others, study on swarm intelligence, optimal path/task planning, and multi-agent methods.
In the past year an experimental setup has been implemented to test the developed algorithms in practice, and to bring theoretical research closer to practice. The platform can be used for research purposes as well as promotion and demonstration purposes. The assignment consists of two parts.
  • Further development of an experimental platform.
  • Implementation of new path planning and swarm intelligence methods.

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