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Design and Test of a Haptic Gas Pedal for a new purpose

Subject: Design and Test of a Haptic Gas Pedal for a new purpose
Staff Mentor: prof. E.G.M. Holweg
Other Mentor(s): Mathieu Gerard, David Abbink (BME), Michel Verhaegen
Keywords: Automotive and intelligent transportation systems; Modeling and analysis; System identification and estimation


With a Haptic Gas Pedal, you can already help the driver to follow a vehicle, help the driver to reduce his fuel consumption, but at the TU we believe there are many more new possibilities.

In particular, we are working on an idea to assist further the driver by making a new kind of information available. Unfortunately, because of patent issues, we cannot give more details here.

The project will include:

  1. Analysis of the needs to implement the new concept
  2. Design of controllers / observers / signal processing to get the right information
  3. Design the Haptic controller to make the driver feel the information in the best way
  4. Build experiments using the available driving simulators at the TU
  5. Analyze the benefit of the new system

Do you want to join us in the development of this new promising concept? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Last modified: 30 November 2009, 9:12 UTC
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