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Large perturbation recovery for bipedal robots

Subject: Large perturbation recovery for bipedal robots
Staff Mentor: prof. R. Babuška
Other Mentor(s): Gabriel Lopes, Erik Schuitema
Keywords: Adaptive and learning control; Mechatronics, robotics and micro-systems
Description: Bipedal robots are typically developed for flat ground or staircases. However, the real world offers far more complex terrains. In order to build reliable walking machines not only one must carefully design the morphology of the robot, but also study the environments in which the robot will operate. Large perturbations in the terrain, such as holes, stones or sidewalk edges can generate large perturbations in the motion of the robot. This project aims to develop control laws that can negotiate and recover from such large perturbation during walking.

Some of the research topics for this project include:

  • Designing reacting mechanisms for fast recovery using learning control
  • Design parameterized walking limit cycles for various types of slopes and ground granularity.
  • Detecting failure modes

Leo - bipedal robot

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