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Optimal trajectory planning for trains using spline methods

Subject: Optimal trajectory planning for trains using spline methods
Staff Mentor: prof. B. De Schutter
Other Mentor(s): Yihui Wang
Keywords: Optimization and algorithms for control; Automotive and intelligent transportation systems
Description: Because of the rising energy prices and environmental concerns, the energy efficiency of transportation systems becomes more and more important, and this also includes railway networks. Meanwhile, the interest of railway operators in energy efficiency has been rising more and more in recent years. The automatic train operation system of advanced train control systems plays a key role in ensuring accurate stopping, operation punctuality, energy saving, and riding comfort. The automatic train operation system is responsible for calculating the optimal speed-position reference trajectory based on the information collected by train control systems, such as line conditions, traction and braking performance, etc. An efficient algorithm for calculating the reference trajectory is significant to the driving performance of the automatic train operation system.

The aim of this MSc project is optimizing the optimal trajectory of train operation using spline methods. Splines are mathematical functions to interpolate between several values, and they are defined as piecewise polynomials. The project consists of the following steps:

  • Start by studying spline interpolation methods.
  • Select one or more algorithms and adapt them to the given problem setting.
  • Compare the performance of the optimal trajectory obtained by spline methods with that of one or two approaches in the literature of optimal train control.

If you are interested this project or for more information, just come along or send an e-mail to me or to Prof. Bart De Schutter.

Figure: A typical optimal trajectory for a train

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