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Modeling of a steering-gear to investigate system improvements

Subject: Modeling of a steering-gear to investigate system improvements
Staff Mentor: prof. J. Hellendoorn
Other Mentor(s): Ir. Susanne Blokland (SKF)
Keywords: Model-based control; Manipulation
Description: In the team of ADC-SI (Automotive Development Centre Sensor Integration) sensor-bearing solutions are being developed for the automotive market, more specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles. In co-operation with the application and business engineers of chassis and steering applications, a project has been initiated with as objective the modeling of the complete steering-gear to investigate the benefits on system level that new improved SKF products can have. The proposed internship includes the creation of (parts of) the complete model including a preliminary validation assessment, as well as studies on the benefits on system level by using SKF products.

The intern will integrate the team of ADC SI in France and will have the following missions:

Preparation: understanding of the complete system of a steering-gear with Electric Power Steering and the concerned SKF products, both mechanical and mechatronic.

Realization: identification of the blocks and functions to be modeled and their detail including their interface with existing component performance measurements. Realization of the user-friendly simulation tool under LMS AMESim and MATLAB Simulink.

Investigation: by using the realized model, investigate the possible system benefits for different configurations (various SKF products characteristics, sensitivity analysis).

Capitalization: creation of written report on the model and its components (user manual) and the investigation method and results. Presentation of the results to the development team and business team.

Automotive Development Centre Sensor Integration

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