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Torque sensing concepts

Subject: Torque sensing concepts
Staff Mentor: prof. J. Hellendoorn
Other Mentor(s): Ir. Susanne Blokland (SKF)
Keywords: Model-based control; Identification and estimation
Description: In the team of ADC-SI (Automotive Development Centre Sensor Integration) sensor-bearing solutions are being developed for the automotive market, more specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles. For the electric motors in these vehicles, sensor information is needed to close the control loop. Such sensing principles can be magnetic, optical, based on displacement, etc..

The objective of the internship is to develop new and evaluate existing mechatronic concepts for sensing torque. Following Design for Six Sigma methodology, a choice for the most promising concepts will be made using performance evaluation simulations and mock-up test results. These concepts shall then be linked to their suitable applications depending on their measurement range.

The intern will integrate the team of ADC SI in France and will have for missions:

Familiarization: brief understanding of the applications of torque sensors in a car or other vehicle and the existing torque sensing solutions inside and outside SKF. Creation of a technology overview of the applications and the identified solutions.

Preparation: including the applicable torque sensing concepts for in a House-of-Quality to assess to what extent they respond to the customer needs.

Realization: validating the choice for the most promising concept(s) by creating and performing detailed simulations and mock-up testing. Identification of winning concept and coupling to suitable application.

Capitalization: creation of written report on winning concept (including simulation and test results), preparation of the used simulation scripts for re-use. Presentation of the results to the development team.

Automotive Development Centre Sensor Integration

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