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Contacts with industrial partners are maintained through our research program , our teaching activities and the alumni association GRID+.

To demonstrate the strength of systems and control concepts in our educational program we confront our students with real-life problems in the exercises that accompany the main courses. All students graduating in our group perform a final year's research project in which their research capacities are tested and explored. Many of those final year's projects are conducted in industry, addressing real-life problems that are relevant within the scope and the interest of our group.

In our research, we strive at combining fundamental contributions in the field of systems and control theory to high-end applications of this theory. A considerable part of our research projects is performed in close cooperation with industrial partners. This cooperation can be shaped in different forms: running from a student graduation project (afstudeerproject) performed within an industrial enterprise, to the financial support of a full four-year research project aimed at development and application of new technology in the area of systems and control. Regularly representatives of industries participate in consulting teams for several of our research projects. This allows them to be informed on the latest developments in the research field, and to influence the directions of research. This latter structure is particularly applied in projects supported by our national science foundation STW.

Regularly the group is involved in the organization of postgraduate industrial courses, in particular in the area of systems and control.

If you are interested in exploiting the possibilities for joint research projects, or if you want further information on our industrial course program, please contact us.

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