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Advanced missile guidance methods

Project members:  prof. C.W. Scherer, E.J. Trottemant
Keywords:  Optimization-based control, Old - project will be removed
Sponsored by:  TNO, Netherlands Defense Academy, Royal Naval College
Ballistic missiles are a serious threat to Western countries, as has become evident in a number of recent conflicts. Proliferation of missiles has increased their numbers and modification programs have increased their performance, in particular their range. Also, there is great worry about non-conventional warheads (chemical and biological) on ballistic missiles. A great deal of attention currently is dedicated towards developing and increasing (TBMD) capability. Most current air defense weapons, in particular their guidance and intercept methods, will fail in most operationally relevant scenarios. This has initiated a search for newer and better intercept strategies.

In recent years, methods based on linear quadratic (LQ) optimization and differential game theory have opened up new possibilities in the guidance field. The purpose of this project is to explore and extend new applications of these theories to the guidance problem against maneuvering TBMs in order to acquire in-depth knowledge on (modern) advanced methods.

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