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Global Chassis Control using Load Sensing

Project members:  M. Corno, prof. E.G.M. Holweg, prof. M. Verhaegen
Keywords:  Transportation and infrastructure, Old - project will be removed
Sponsored by:  SKF, Delft University of Technology
Active braking, steer-by-wire, hybrid powertrain ... The number of active systems in cars is increasing rapidly. From a global perspective, the vehicle is over-actuated (more actuators than degrees of freedom) and each actuator is constrained (because of tyre saturation). The goal of this project is to define a modular architecture to control all those actuators in a coherent manner. An efficient online optimization technique is developed to handle over-actuated systems. Moreover, each group of actuators is locally controlled using information coming from the newly available Load Sensing Hub Bearing Units.

A special focus is set on the further development of Anti-Lock Braking Systems and Electronic Stability Control. ABS is the most important active safety system for road vehicles, which maintains lateral stability during heavy braking and shortens the brake distance. Thanks to force measurement, ABS/ESC can be made simpler, more robust to changes in road conditions and better performing.

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