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Model-based predictive control for intelligent micro-transportation systems

Project members:  prof. B. De Schutter, hhellendoorn, M. Burger
Keywords:  Model predictive control, Transportation and infrastructure, Discrete-event systems, Intelligent control, Model-based control, Old - project will be removed
Sponsored by:  Next Generation Infrastructures Foundation
This project focuses on the use of advanced model-based control methods for the operational management of next-generation transportation systems consisting of so-called intelligent micro-transportation units. The type of systems considered are characterised by a relatively large (50 to 200) amount of small autonomous vehicles which are used to transport either people or goods between several fixed points. The aim is to obtain methods based on model-predictive control to accomplish optimal scheduling, routing and balancing of the vehicles based on the demands. Optimality will be defined in terms of throughput, cost- and energy-efficiency, reliability and waiting times.

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