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Control of Piezo Deformable Mirror in Adaptive Optical Systems

Project members:  H. Song, P.R. Fraanje, prof. G. Schitter, G. Vdovin, prof. M. Verhaegen
Keywords:  Piezo deformable mirror, Hysteresis compensation, Optimization-based control, Optics and imaging, Old - project will be removed
Sponsored by:  DCMM
The field of adaptive optics (AO) has received rapidly increasing attention in recent years. The goal of this project is to implement a low-cost high-speed AO system by solving the challenging problems as follows:

1. To model the nonlinearity (hysteresis and creep) of the piezo actuators in the deformable mirror (DM) and the coupling effect (cross-talk) between actuators, and design a controller based on the accurate DM model such that the accuracy of the DM can be improved.

2. To investigate how to maximize the light intensity at the output of the optical system by optimizing the shape of the DM. During the optimization, accurate DM model will be involved.

3. To implement a low-cost high-speed AO system which makes use of a photodiode instead of a wavefront sensor for feedback control of the shape of the piezo DM.

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