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Control of Wind Farms

Project members:  P.M.O. Gebraad, J.W. van Wingerden, prof. M. Verhaegen
Keywords:  Distributed and large-scale systems, Wind energy, Applications
Sponsored by:  Delft University of Technology, Far and Large Offshore Wind (FLOW)
By extracting kinetic energy from the wind flow, a wind turbine reduces the wind speed in a wake that forms downstream of the wind turbine rotor. In a wind farm, in which turbines are placed relatively close to each other, this wake effect can reduce the power production of downstream turbines. Also, the wake may introduce additional loads on downstream turbines. The aim of this project is to develop data-driven distributed control algorithms for maximizing the total power output of a wind farm, and balancing the loads on each of the turbines, that takes into account the wake interaction effect between the turbines. Pieter Gebraad webpage

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