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Distributed control of large-scale multi-class traffic networks

Project members:  S. Liu, prof. B. De Schutter, prof. J. Hellendoorn
Keywords:  Distributed and large-scale systems, Model-based control, Model predictive control, Road traffic networks
Multi-class traffic models describe traffic network based on different classes of vehicles, such as trucks, vans, and cars. In comparison with single-class models, this leads to representations that are closer to real traffic networks . Applying multi-class traffic models in traffic management therefore offers promising prospects of improving the control efficiency.

In this project, we develop multi-class traffic flow models and multi-class emission models. These multi-class traffic models are used in on-line model-based control approach (Model Predictive Control). We integrate multi-class traffic flow models with multi-class emission models and use them to find a balanced trade-off between total time spent and total emissions. We investigate the performance of both fast, first-order models (FASTLANE) and slower, more accurate models (METANET).

As a next step, Distributed Model Predictive Control will be applied in the multi-class traffic control approach, to improve the computation speed and refine the control performance. In addition, we will also consider robust control.


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