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Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) coordinates the education and research activities in systems and control at the Delft University of Technology. DCSC has been established in 2003 by merging the systems and control groups of Electrical Engineering (ITS), Mechanical Engineering (OCP) and Applied Physics (TNW).

The core research activity of the DCSC is twofold:

  • the development of new theories and numerical tools for modeling and control of dynamic systems, and
  • the validation of these new contributions in engineering applications.
The deliberately selected integration of the fundamental research line with the application oriented one, creates the ideal platform to systematically address problems in emerging technologies and to stimulate the development of innovative industrial control technology. The fundamental research activities concentrate on the three major areas of model based control design, i.e.,
  • modeling
  • system identification
  • controller design.
The application oriented research aims at the adaptation and integration of fundamental innovations in laboratory demonstrations and for industrial pilot plants covering the following target application domains:
  • industrial process control
  • mechatronics and micro systems
  • traffic and transportation control
  • physical imaging systems.
The research activities in these domains are multi-disciplinary in nature and for the first 3 domains are defined in concurrence with the ``Speerpunt'' programs of Delft University of Technology.
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