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Project members: J.B. Klaassens, E. Holweg (SKF)

The objective of this project is to achieve a framework for the introduction of safety related fault tolerant electronic systems without mechanical backup in vehicles (so-called ``x-by-wire systems'', see Figure 24). The ``x'' in ``x-by-wire'' represents the basis of any safety-related application, such as steering, braking, power train or suspension control systems. These applications will greatly increase overall vehicle safety by liberating the driver from routine tasks and assisting the driver to find solutions in critical situations. Highly sophisticated future vehicle applications such as driver assistance or autonomous driving need computerized control of the driving dynamics. This requires that driver requests be sensed and interpreted appropriately so as to take proper account of the current driving conditions and environmental influences. These requests have to be translated into optimum steer, brake, and acceleration maneuvers. In the aerospace industries the topic of dependable electronics system has been the subject of intensive investigations over many years. Other solutions are available in transportation in general, e.g. military vehicles, ships, trains, as well as in safety critical industrial applications like nuclear power plants. Research is done in cooperation with SKF.

Figure 24: Steer-by-wire.
Image steer_by_wire

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