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Classification of buried objects based on ground penetrating radar signals

Project members: M. Verhaegen

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is widely used for the non-invasive investigation of the subsurface and man-made structures. Applications include utility location, landmine and unexploded ordinance detection, road inspection, mapping of groundwater contamination, archeology, etc. Especially for landmine detection the interest in GPR has grown significantly over the last 5 years. This is the result of increased awareness about the severity of the global landmine problem (see, e.g., as well as the advantages that GPR has to offer over other sensors such as metal detectors. These advantages include the capability to detect both plastic and metallic landmines.

Currently, an extensive GPR research project is carried out at the International Research Centre for Telecommunications-Transmission and Radar (IRCTR) in cooperation with the Control Systems Engineering group, the section of Applied Geophysics and the Laboratory of Electromagnetic Research. The project encompasses a variety of research activities aimed at improving landmine detection with GPR. These include the development of ultra-wideband GPR systems and new data processing schemes such as imaging, inversion and classification, to name a few. The research in collaboration with the Control Systems Engineering group falls into the area of object classification.

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