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Publications in 1990

Authored or co-authored journal papers

  • P.M.T. Broersen (1990)
    Selecting subsets of autoregressive parameters
    Signal Processing 20: (4), p.293-301

  • P.M.T. Broersen (1990)
    The prediction error of autoregressive small sample models
    IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing ASSP-38, p.858-860
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  • A. van den Bos, T.T. van der Werff (1990)
    Degeneracy in nonlinear least squares - Coincidence of more than two parameters
    IEE Proceedings 137: (D), p.273-280

  • A. van den Bos (1990)
    The Discrete Fourier Transform data sequence need not be circularly defined
    IEEE Transactions on Education E-38, p.368-369

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