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List of publications - ir. M. (Martijn) Leskens



Authored or co-authored journal papers

  • M. Leskens, L.B.M. van Kessel, P.M.J. Van den Hof (2002)
    MIMO closed-loop identification of an MSW incinerator
    Control Engineering Practice 10, p.315-326
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  • L.B.M. van Kessel, M. Leskens, G. Brem (2002)
    On-line Calorific Value Sensor and Validation of Dynamic Models Applied to Municipal Solid Waste Combustion
    Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Institution of Chemical Engineers, 2002 80: (5), p.245-255


Authored or co-authored conference papers

  • L.B.M. van Kessel, G. Brem, M. Leskens (2001)
    A new calorific sensor and control techniques for the optimisation of biomass control systems
    Proceedings of the 5th Biomass Conference of the Americas, Orlando, September 17-21, 2001, p.11p.

  • L.B.M. van Kessel, G. Brem, M. Leskens (2001)
    On-line calorific value sensor and validation of dynamic models applied to municipal solid waste combustion
    Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium Incineration and Flue Gas Treatment Technologies, Brussels, July 2-4, 2001, p.10p.

  • L.B.M. van Kessel, R. Arendsen, J. Görtzen, M. Leskens, A. van Berkel (2001)
    Optimization of thermal processes
    Proceedings 6th International Conference on Technologies and Combustion for Clean Environment, Porto, July 9-12, 2001

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