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README.TXT for FREQID, v.1.1, 1996, R.A. de Callafon

This directory contains the software of the FREQID-toolbox, version 1.1, 1996.
for use with MatLab version 4.2c. The software is shareware and can be used to
estimate or identify linear time invariant (multivariable) models on the basis
of frequency domain response measurements. The FREQID toolbox is equipped with
a GUI (Grafical User Interface) to simplify both the manipulation of frequency
domain data, the choice of the weighting functions and the model order
selection during the estimation of a model.


CFIDENT.ZIP    - ZIP archive containing the stand alone function m-files
CFGUI.ZIP      - ZIP archive containing the GUI function m-files.
MANUAL.ZIP     - ZIP archive containing a PostScript file of a short manual
README.TXT     - The file you are reading now


(1) Get all the ZIP archives using binairy file transfer
    (and this README.TXT file).

(2) Create two directories on your hard disk, for example called
    CFIDENT and CFGUI. As this installation will install a MatLab-
    toolbox, it wise to create these two directories under your
    MatLab-root toolbox directory. For a PC, the two directories
    would then look like
    where C:\MATLAB reflects the \matlab-root directory located on
    drive C:, in which MatLab has been installed.

(3) PKUNZIP all the files that are present in the CFIDENT.ZIP archive
    into the CFIDENT directory and PKUNZIP all the files that are present
    in the CFGUI.ZIP archive into the CFGUI directory on your hard disk.

(4) Modify the 'matlabpath' to include the above mentioned directories
    in the search path of MatLab. Usually, the 'matlabpath' is specified
    in a file called MATLABRC.M already located on your hard disk.

(5) PKUNZIP the MANUAL.ZIP to MANUAL.PS and print it on a PostScript
    printer for additional information on how to install the FREQID stuff.

(6) For UNIX-users: make sure that all files in above mentioned directories
    have small capitals, as the ZIP archives contain file names with large
    capitals (sorry, I'm one of the few DOS-users).


(1) You will need some computer that is able to run MatLab, version~4.2c.

(2) A colour monitor is not required, but is very useful.

(3) You need approximately 1Mb free hard disk space to install the
    FREQID software, whereas at least 8Mb memory would be nice to run
    MatLab and play around with FREQID.

(1) The MatLab-program (version~4.2c)

(2) The standard MatLab signal processing toolbox

(3) The standard MatLab control systems toolbox

FREQID supports the data and model storage formats that available in the
System identification toolbox and the mu-analysis and synthesis toolbox.
However, these toolboxes are not required in order to run FREQID.


The authors assume no responsibility for any damage or loss
caused by the use of these programs, however it comes down. If 
you can think of a way any of the included matlab m-file can
cause you damage or loss you've a sneakier mind than mine.

All the registered trademarks used herein are registered to 
whoever it is that owns them. This notification is given in lieu 
of any specific list of trademarks and their owners, which would 
not be as inclusive and would probably take a lot longer to type.

Last modified: 16 March 2004, 15:31 UTC
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