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README.TXT for FREQID, v.1.3, 2000, R.A. de Callafon

This directory contains the software for the FREQID, version 1.3, 2000
distribution for use with MatLab. The software has been developed for Matlab
5.3 and has been tested succesfully under Matlab versions 5.3, 5.2.1 and 5.2.
The software can be used to estimate or identify linear time invariant
(multivariable) models, on the basis of frequency domain response
measurements. FREQID is equipped with a GUI (Grafical User Interface) to
simplify both the manipulation of frequency domain data, the choice of
weighting functions and the model order selection during the estimation of a

See INSTALL.TXT on how to install FREQID...

Last modified: 16 March 2004, 15:32 UTC
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