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Advanced servo control research at Philips CFT: status and future challenges

Gregor van Baars

To remain an attractive competence center for Philips lines of business and also external customers, the servo control competence within CFT requires continuous development. This talk will address the advanced servo control research and application activities over the last years within Philips CFT and Research.

The intensive mutual cooperation between the servo control research groups at Philips and Delft University will be illustrated as an example of a fruitful relation between industry and academia, which has helped to enhance the level of servo control at CFT.

Some typical technical problem areas and performance issues for our customers will be illustrated in combination with a survey of recent activities to investigate advanced motion control solutions to those problems. During that investigation, also new challenges have been identified, and will be motivated in the presentation as possible directions for future studies at academic level.

Last modified: 9 June 2004, 14:46 UTC
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