List of MSc courses

DCSC is responsible for the following courses:

EE4C04 Control System Design    ( 5 EC)    
SC42000 Control System Design    ( 3 EC)   
SC42005 Introduction Project SC    (3 EC)   
SC42010 Robust and Multivariable Control Design    (5 EC)  
SC42015 Control Theory    (6 EC)    
SC42020 Modern Robotics    (5 EC)  
SC42025 Filtering & Identification    (6 EC)
SC42030 Control for High Resolution Imaging    (3 EC)  
SC42035 Integration Project Systems and Control    (5 EC)  
SC42040 Adaptive and Predictive Control     (4 EC)  
SC42045 Control Systems Lab     (4 EC)   
SC42050 Knowledge Based Control Systems    (4 EC)   
SC42055 Optimization in Systems and Control    (4 EC)   
SC42060 Modelling and Nonlinear Systems Theory   (4 EC)   
SC42070 Special Topics Signals, Systems & Control   (3 EC)
SC42075 Modelling and Control of Hybrid Systems    (3 EC)  
SC42090 Robot Motion Planning and Control    (3 EC)
SC42095 Digital Control    (3 EC)  

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