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Dr.-Ing. J. Kober (Jens)


prof.dr. R. Babuška (Robert)

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Exam by appointment

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The course is based on practical laboratory sessions, in which students gain hands-on experience with the application of control theory to real-world systems. Matlab and Simulink are used as the primary software environment for the design, analysis and real-time implementation of the algorithms. Students work in groups of two in the lab, with a setup of their choice: inverted pendulum (two variants), 'helicopter' model, inverted wedge, rotational double pendulum, crane and ball and plate.

Study Goals:

The goal of this course is to integrate and apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the courses `Control Theory' (SC42015), `Modeling and Nonlinear Systems Theory' (SC42060) and `Filtering and Identification' (SC42025), which are compulsory within the M.Sc. program 'Systems and Control.' The concepts and tools to be used include mechanistic modeling (based on principles like mass balances, Lagrange equations, etc.), filtering and estimation (e.g., Kalman filtering), linear control design and performance analysis, system identification in open and closed loop. It is assumed that students already know these concepts or are able to look them up in the literature. No theoretical lectures are given in this course.

Education Method:

Project, presentations


Control Theory (SC42015)
Modeling and Nonlinear Systems Theory (SC42060)
Filtering and Identification (SC42025)

Students who have not followed these courses should contact the lecturer in order to find out whether their control background is at a sufficient level and what literature they should consult.


There is no written exam. The final grade is determined on the basis of a written report, a presentation, the discussion of the results with the lecturer and the performance in the lab sessions.

Special Information:

The laboratory sessions are compulsory in the time slots scheduled for this course - usually on Monday morning (8:45-10:30) and Wednesday morning (8:45-10:30). Besides these slots, other dates and times will be scheduled by the students. Location: DCSC laboratories (exact location to be announced).


Old course code: SC4050


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