Adaptive Optics Design Project




Responsible Instructor: M. Verhaegen (Michel)

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Course consists on the realization of laboratory experiments to design and operate adaptive optics equipment to realize high resolution imaging systems. Crucial in the design is the alignment of active optics systems and in the operation the development of algorithms for acquiring accurate information about the wavefront aberrations from intensity based imaging components (like Shack-Hartmann sensors or CCD camera's) and using this wavefront information in the tuning of multivariable dynamic controllers to compensate in real-time the wavefront aberrations. The design is conducted under close supervision by world leading experts in the field and is performe in groups of students. The size of the groups depends on the number of participants in this course. The course requires hands-on experiments and the results are document in a report and a joint final presentation.

Study Goals:

Building insights about the key components in Adaptive Optics such as the wavefront reconstruction and the deformable mirror. As well as building the controller methodology to obtain a smart optics system for high resolution imaging.

Education Method:

Project Based


Oral Presentation and evaluation of the written report in combination with the course sc42030


Old course code: SC4115


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